I am so honoured to be able to work with you and re-ignite that spark inside of you!

You can choose to book a single session or you can experience the beautiful deep transformation that we can create over a 1, 2 or 3 month heart and soul aligning mentoring package with me.

I would suggest that you allow your intuition to guide you to what you require right now, though if you would like guidance on what to choose you can email me HERE.

I am now excited to be offering in person sessions at my stunning Amara Studio located in Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

To choose this option, simply click on the link below and select ‘Soul Resonance Sessions at Amara Studio’. Once you have booked your session you will receive my address in an email with your confirmation.

“I signed up for a 4 week Soul Resonance package with Fi Hardy.  I was looking for Spiritual guidance, clear direction, and improving my overall well-being.

From my first meeting with Fi I knew that she was the right person for me, her easy going nature and loving happy personality made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed, I knew I had found a safe space to share.

Fi has a magical way of bringing out the best of you through the ‘homework’ and continued phone support, I felt her presence there each day, guiding me and encouraging me to find my own inner healing.  After each session I came alive, my own connection to Spirit was clearer and my goals and direction focused, but, most of all I found a way through her, to love myself more deeply and truthfully.

Fi Hardy has a profound connection to Spirit and knows how to teach others how to find their own inner knowledge.  For me Fi has been a gift, her love and support are something I am truly grateful for, and I feel so very blessed to have worked with her, and look forward to the continued friendship!

Thank You Beautiful”

Aloha Sandy💗🌺

I am so passionate about helping you to align with your heart and soul to start choosing to be all of who you are!
To realise and open to your gifts so that you can share them with the people closest to you and also allow them to ripple out to the whole planet – YEP simply by being AMAZING YOU and allowing YOUR light to shine.
This is only possible by learning how to truly tune in, follow your heart and start to trust that all of the answers are within – not outside of you.
You see for many years I had all the teachings, spiritual concepts and knowledge there, though I was missing the vital part of the puzzle.
Sure the past trainings had opened me up to the incredible tools and practices that can create shifts – but it wasn’t until some massive stuff went down in my life that everything REALLY shifted big time! 

For so long I thought I was doing ok with showing up for myself, living from my heart and being who I was here to be.
The interesting thing was I still had this underlying feeling deep down of not truly being in alignment with the essence of me, and some areas of my life. 

It felt hard and uncomfortable and I resisted really addressing these areas.

Until then…let’s just say a couple of BIG events went down that totally opened my eyes up to what I really needed to see and get! 

Looking back I knew things weren’t feeling in alignment and the universe pulled the energetic rug from under me! 

The details aren’t as important as was more the deep inner journey that was then triggered that was the most profound and sacred experience for me on so many levels. 

A big realisation I had was – I was looking outside of myself much more than looking and feeling into me. My ego was really proficient at disguising that as ultimately the ego just wants to keep us safe and not rock the boat too much. 

No one or nothing knows me how my own soul knows me. 

So I started choosing to dive withIN deeper than I ever had over the last 20 years or so of my personal development, spirituality and self discovery journey. 
By doing so I realised that there were a few areas of my life that I really needed to address, as challenging and uncomfortable as that felt I knew I could no longer avoid it! 

One of these areas needing to be addressed was the erosion of authentic communication, the true intimacy (I’m not just talking about sex here) also the connection between my husband and I. 

So with that energetic rug being pulled out from under us – thanks to the universe – we both found ourselves in a very uncertain, vulnerable and scary time. 

It was during this traumatic time that both of our soul’s insistently nudged us to dive deeply, honestly and vulnerably – which turned out to be one of the most transformational times for both of us. So much learning and growing!

So many shifts have happened since that time and it is because I sucked it up and got brave enough to look far beneath the surface of the stories I was telling myself.

I went in and wrote a brand new story – how I wanted the story to be! 

We all have that power. 

What I love the most in all that has unfolded, is that I am showing up for myself more than I ever have before – and this is what my soul has been nudging me to do for soooo long now.

By showing up for myself it means that I am making choices based on what my heart guides me in.

From MY soul’s guidance, MY path.

No one else’s beliefs, agendas, projections or expectations (conscious or unconscious) no more putting others needs above my own anymore.

Taking responsibility for my life and to know I have the ability to create what I desire and what resonates with me on a soul level.  

I’m so much clearer now in what and when I need to pull back and care, nurture and give to me.

I would have in the past thought that was selfish – but now I know by doing that for me I have so much more to give to my kids, my amazing husband, my extended family and my beautiful friends. 

I am now actioning things that are pushing me out of my comfort zones on a continual basis and opening up to who I am so much more.

Understanding all parts of myself including all the shadow aspects that I would have wanted to keep hidden or rejected.

We all have those parts, and the more we can understand and embrace them, the more we can channel them to assist us rather than hinder us. 

It definitely doesn’t always feel easy sometimes, but it’s so worth it and that’s where I fit in, I love to support souls that are ready to take responsibility and make empowered choices to really start aligning with their own Souls Resonance – even if you have no idea what that means to you. 

Such a beautiful and empowering step to take! 

I can now say honestly I am loving my life more than ever before – and I know it’s because I’m loving me more than ever before. 

I love how life mirrors back to us where we are within and what we can learn and expand in to shift things if we choose. 

So what did I personally learn from all of that unfolding? 

Tune IN

To trust what my body is trying to communicate. 

To speak up when things don’t feel good or in alignment with me. 

To share what I’m feeling – even all the crazy stories that are in my head. ( For me, I have found this disempowers them so I can come to my truth in time, I have found this occurs for me by opening up and sharing them with someone I trust).

I have EVERYTHING inside of me that I need . 

Do I need support right now? If yes … seek assistance.

Be gentle and kind with myself. 

Question…a lot! And tune into my heart for guidance.

To show up for myself everyday.


Be vulnerable.

Be open.

Know that I am so much more than I know right now. 



Forgive – myself and others.

Love – myself and others.

Be clear where my boundaries lay.

To embrace and love all of myself (even the parts I have most wanted to reject, an ongoing journey 😊) 

Know that I am not a victim – all things occur along the way to help me become more of me and it helps me to grow as a soul on all levels. 

Life is such an incredible journey and I’m so grateful to be here at this time, to continue living from my soul’s guidance and to assist, to be in service and support other amazing souls that are ready for this too. 

To create a life on purpose, to shine your light from the essence of you. 

That is where magic lies!

I believe we all have incredible things to contribute while we are here, so let’s get on with it! 

I have 3 packages available – tune in and feel which one is aligned with you. 

You’ll know – trust yourself. 

I so look forward to working with you!

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