White Sage & Juniper Clearing Bundle




A beautiful bundle that includes an Abalone shell, 3 Palo Santo sticks, a medium size white sage & Juniper smudge stick, a Smoky Quartz crystal, a piece of Selenite and a Silver Pheasant feather.

A perfect gift for you or someone special.

Smokey Quartz: A great crystal for grounding and anchoring, can also assist with psychic protection. Smokey quartz if effective at transmuting heavy/negative energy back into Earth.

Selenite: Named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. A high vibrational stone that never needs clearing/cleansing, in fact when placed around other gem stones it assists to clear and charge them too. Selenite can help to clear and access the higher chakras (third eye, crown, soul star and beyond) can also assist to align us to Christ consciousness, higher self and the angelic realm. Can be helpful in removing blocks within the physical and etheric bodies

An ancient Native American and Indigenous Australian tradition still used in ceremony today. Dried leaves are lit then once smouldering the smoke is used to cleanse and clear any negative energy and raise the vibrational energy of the person/area that the smoke is used for.

Remember intention is everything! As you move around your home focus your energy on clearing and cleansing your home and inviting love, light and joy into your space.


Light the end of the smudge stick and allow a flame to appear, then gently blow out the flame and use the smoke to start clearing your space. Detach the crystal once you have finished with the smudge stick and place somewhere special in your home.

**IMPORTANT: Please use a fire proof bowl with a little sand in the bottom and keep the smouldering smudge stick over the bowl as you move around your space. Once you are finished please assure your smudge stick is completely put out and no embers are still alight. Please never leave a smudge stick unattended.