Peacock Wing, Pheasant & Emu Crystalline Feather Wand




This stunner is one of the larger feather wands and includes Peacock wing feathers at the back then Pheasant tail and Red Tip and at the front is Emu all wrapped with faux suede onto a polished Selenite wand and adorned with Black Tourmaline and Cowrie shell on the front and another shell on the back.

A powerful and beautiful tool to incorporate in any ceremony, to use with fanning sacred smoke when smudging and to use as a tool to energetically clear and work with your own energy or your clients, if you work with others.

The timber base is only cut from naturally dropped branches that are mainly gum found here on the Sunshine Coast on our rural property.

Black Tourmaline: Very grounding and a powerful protection stone. Also believed to absorb electromagnetic radiation.

Selenite: Named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. A high vibrational stone that never needs clearing/cleansing, in fact when placed around other gem stones it assists to clear and charge them too. Selenite can help to clear and access the higher chakras (third eye, crown, soul star and beyond) can also assist to align us to Christ consciousness, higher self and the angelic realm. Can be helpful in removing blocks within the physical and etheric bodies.

All feathers are ethically sourced and cruelty free.

Height is 43cm including timber display base.

*Please note: As the feathers that I purchase vary in price so do my feather wand creations as it depends on time to create, size, feathers used and crystals for each one off lovingly created piece.