Harmony & Peace




A calming, relaxing and grounding blend of essential oils create this restorative mist. Soothes the Nervous System and induces feelings of peace within.


Cedarwood – one of the valuable medicinal aspects of Cedarwood is its excellent ability to soothe, sedate and calm a busy mind. Relieves tension and helps promote a restorative sleep.


Frankincense – induces feelings of mental peace and relaxation. Very effective for anxiety.


Lavender – calming and balancing physically and emotionally. Promotes feelings of contentment.


Crystals – Red Jasper and Green Aventurine.


The beautiful range of Mood Mists have been created to be enjoyed in your home, workplace and can also be used to spritz around your body in your energy field.

Store product out of direct sunlight and below 30 degrees.

**Keep out of reach of children**

••• Please do NOT use mists if you are pregnant, as some of the essential oils used in the blends can be contraindicated for pregnancy. •••


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Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Frankincense and Lavender

Crystal Chips: Red Jasper and Green Aventurine.

Also Contains Purified Water, Love and Infinite Gratitude