Guinea & Red Tip Pheasant Crystalline Feather Wand


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Stunning Guinea feathers with 3 Red Tip Pheasant feathers wrapped with faux suede onto Selenite and finished with a clear quartz crystal to amplify the energy. This feather wand has a Sacred Feminine energy.

Her medicine…

she asks you to acknowledge and recognise the importance of Soul family and how we thrive when we have strong heart connections with like-souled people in our life. If you would like more of these connections she can assist you by helping you to open your heart so you can call them in.

Clear Quartz: Assists to activate and the clear crown and soul star chakras and also assists the whole chakra system. A master crystal that helps to connect in with our intuition and our unique divine soul signature and blue print.

Selenite: Named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. A high vibrational stone that never needs clearing/cleansing, in fact when placed around other gem stones it assists to clear and charge them too. Selenite can help to clear and access the higher chakras (third eye, crown, soul star and beyond) can also assist to align us to Christ consciousness, higher self and the angelic realm. Can be helpful in removing blocks within the physical and etheric bodies.

Height: 35.5 cm including timber display base


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