My passion and mission is to assist you to feel connected with your soul.

A deep connectedness with the essence of who you are in a more expansive heart based way. To see, feel and experience the magic that is within you!

I am deeply committed in assisting you to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to get a deeper understanding of a particular pattern, belief or story that is getting in the way of what you are wanting to create.

To facilitate this, I have been guided to offer two types of sessions:


PAST LIFE and AFTERLIFE (in-between life) SESSIONS.

A Past Life session can offer release, healing and clarity.


Enabling you to create something different that serves and empowers you in the highest way possible.


A Soul Regression Therapy session facilitates healing and forward movement within your soul’s spiritual journey and can help to reinvigorate your mission and purpose here on this amazing planet.


Past Life sessions are 3 hours.


There is a pre-talk, the Hypnotic regression and a debrief afterwards.


You also receive an MP3 recording of your session that is emailed to you to keep and refer to when needed.


Session cost: $250

Sessions are held in person only at the stunning Amara Studio on the Sunshine Coast.

** The Afterlife sessions are only available to those who have had a successful Past Life Regression with me.


Please ask me about my special offer if you book for both Past Life and After Life sessions.



** For further afield clients we have a beautiful Airbnb property that is fully self-contained and private.  We can offer a special rate if you wish to create a short getaway and experience your Soul Regression Session.


I work in an intuitive and client-directed way.

Soul Resonance Sessions are a co-creation with Spirit to assist you in gaining clarity so that you feel that you have the next steps in moving forward in a particular area of your life.


Each Soul Resonance Session will always include a channeled guided meditation especially for you to assist in the chosen area of your life you would love to see and feel change.

Initial sessions 90 mins $150


Follow up sessions 60-75mins $110

Sessions can be in-person, via phone or zoom.


** For those that love a deeper offering a 5 week Soul Resonance Package is available which includes…


⁃ 5 weekly 60-90 min sessions


⁃ Text and email reach out support during our time together.


⁃ A list of quick and easy tools you can print out and have close by and implement whenever you may need to.


You are held and supported during our time together.

5 Week Package $550

Throughout my life journey, I have always felt a strong connection with the Earth, Spirit, animals and the winged ones.


In my younger years in my childhood and teens I would ride my horse through the bush for hours feeling blissfully connected myself and our beautiful planet.
This is were I felt most ”at home within”.


I was always attracted to and fascinated with our connection with nature and each other in a deeper way.
So I started exploring and researching all things metaphysical and esoteric I could get my hands on.
With no internet back then that meant reading and studying book after book over the years.


In my late 20’s I married a loving and supportive man (still married to this beautiful man) and have loved being mum to 3 incredible son’s.

Over the last 20 years I have studied and attended courses in number of modalities.
Fast forward to present time and over the last 6 years I have been guided by spirit to create a range of 8 Vibrational Mists, 5 Essence of Amara natural fragrances that work with our emotional and energetic bodies, also the Ceremonial/Smudging Feather wands that channel through me for their custodians.


I have also continued to work with amazing client’s which totally makes my heart sing!


I am so incredibly grateful to be on this journey.


Over the years my work has shifted as I personally have and my focus is now on working 1:1 with people offering 2 kinds of sessions that feel deeply aligned for me.


I look forward to connecting and working in service for you and with you in growth and expansion.

“I signed up for a 4 week Soul Resonance package with Fi Hardy.  I was looking for Spiritual guidance, clear direction, and improving my overall well-being.

From my first meeting with Fi I knew that she was the right person for me, her easy going nature and loving happy personality made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed, I knew I had found a safe space to share.

Fi has a magical way of bringing out the best of you through the ‘homework’ and continued phone support, I felt her presence there each day, guiding me and encouraging me to find my own inner healing.  After each session I came alive, my own connection to Spirit was clearer and my goals and direction focused, but, most of all I found a way through her, to love myself more deeply and truthfully.

Fi Hardy has a profound connection to Spirit and knows how to teach others how to find their own inner knowledge.  For me Fi has been a gift, her love and support are something I am truly grateful for, and I feel so very blessed to have worked with her, and look forward to the continued friendship!

Thank You Beautiful”

Aloha Sandy💗🌺

Wow, what an amazing experience!! I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the Past Life Regression and although very excited, I was a little apprehensive on the day – there was no need for that as Fi has such a beautiful, warm and nurturing personality.  Fi explained everything very clearly and put me at ease very quickly. The space she is in, is absolutely divine, as is her unbelievably comfy chair. I settled down for an incredibly relaxing time (pardon the pun). It took me a little while to see/feel anything however, Fi’s guidance and intuition for what needed to happen was incredible. I had some excellent insights and felt totally invigorated afterwards. All I can say is thank you Fi – I really appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. I can highly recommend Fi to anyone considering a past life regression.
Thanks again,

So! I had a had a past life regression facilitated by Fi recently, it was amazing.
I felt comfortable and supported totally,  the whole time.  I got some really good awareness and profound insights, confirmations and messages, for 4 to 5 days after I was gaining deeper and deeper understandings.
I highly recommend Fi to anyone wanting a Past Life Regression.
Her studio has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it, and the most comfortable chair to help you totally relax.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Fi 🙏💖

I’m feel truly honoured to have had a past life Soul Regression Therapy session with Fi.
I learnt so much about the patterns in my life and my true soul purpose. Words can’t describe the incredible experience and insight I have gained. Fi knew instinctively and intuitively how to guide me gently through the session and get life changing information me to integrate afterwards.
I’m truly grateful for this internal knowledge and shift.
Thank you beautiful Fi!
Love Elma 🙏🏼🌺

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