I’m Fi Hardy, Creator of Amara Alchemy.

I believe that when we follow the whispers from our heart, ushering us forward, allowing our spirit to guide us – that magic happens…

I’m Fi Hardy, Creator of Amara Alchemy.

I believe that when we follow the whispers from our heart, ushering us forward, allowing our spirit to guide us – that magic happens…

MY OWN JOURNEY of following the gentle nudging of my spirit and allowing the energy of Amara to take shape in the physical world has been whimsical, soul maturing and incredibly fulfilling.


 It has been – and still is – pretty amazing to watch unfold.


I feel so very grateful for the whole process, in which I am continually learning so much about myself, and feeling more aligned with my souls purpose than ever before as the energy of Amara continues to unfold, evolve and intuitively guide me.

A number of years ago I started looking around for Chakra mist/sprays for my own personal use and to also use in my clinic and with the energy work that I do.


In that process I couldn’t find any that I felt a true resonance with. So I got curious and actually thought maybe it was time for me to create what I was looking for! 


In the following weeks after I experienced that “divine intuition”, I began to download and receive information during my meditations – almost like instructions so I started writing notes after each meditation.


The chakra mists and what to include in each of them, the name and even the logo all started coming through…which blew my mind!

 The name “Amara” actually means immortal in Sanskrit, which was so perfect as our energy is infinite.

The Amara logo is sacred geometry – with the flower of Venus in the middle and surrounded by the heart in the colours of the 7 major chakras.

The logo is a representation of harmony and love and contains the vibration of each chakra colour.


I made the first batch of my 7 chakra mists at home sitting at the kitchen bench just after Christmas 2014, totally surrendering and trusting what had come through me in my meditations so far and was continuing to come through intuitively as I made up each of the bottles.


Allowing myself to be guided in which essential oils to combine, how many drops and which crystal chips to use to create the vibration and frequency needed for each of the individual chakra mists.

My family and I were the first to experience, explore and play with each of the Mists and what possible effects we each felt from using them on a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level.

We all loved them in our different ways, and quickly had our favourites which would change as our energy centres  shifted, and what was going on for us at the time.

Each of us individually could could feel a difference on all levels from using the mists regularly.

I was so amazed at the powerful effects that the mists were having on my family, that I decided to take the leap and make up my first batch to launch out into the big world.

Since the creation of the chakra mists, the Amara range has grown and evolved with more products now available such as the “Amara Mood Mists” – which include 3 varieties.

Harmony & Peace, Uplift & Bliss and Love & Connection these are for home, workspaces and can be sprayed in our energy field.

“Integrated Chakra Mist”, has now replaced the original 7 individual chakra mists as the energy has evolved since their original creation.


Every product in the Amara range contains unique blends of essential oils and crystal chips. The base for all of the mist products is purified water.

Every single one of the Amara products is handmade by me and is also energetically infused with much love and immense gratitude.

I absolutely love all of the Amara range and I’m truly excited as to how the Amara journey continues to evolve and unfold.


From my heart to yours,

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