I feel so blessed and grateful to have these beauties come through me!

Amara Feather creations channel through messages to their custodian via the Universe, Mother Earth, colour frequency, crystal and shell vibrations and of course the winged ones that offer their own unique spirit medicine for you.

All feathers and shells are cruelty free and sustainably sourced.

Each feathery piece is lovingly made by me for “someone” so when the connection is made with the custodian – there is a deep soul knowing and trusting that feeling is all part of the process.

Once the feathery piece and their custodian are united that’s when the alchemy really starts to unfold.

Feather wands can be practically used when smudging and clearing your home.

They can also be used in your energetic field to help disperse and shift energy, they may also be used with Amara vibrational mists around your body and home.

Remember it’s always important to state your intention to the universe in what you are asking for when using these tools.

They are also an amazing addition to your tool box if you work in any capacity with people either in the physical or via distance.

If you are wanting to gift a feathery offering – the best way is by just tuning into your heart and thinking about the special soul you are wanting to gift something to and allow your heart to guide you. That way you know whatever you are guided to will be the perfect gift for them!

Each feathery piece comes with a special information note detailing what is included and how the piece can contribute to you or the person you are gifting it to – so the owner that each creation has chosen knows exactly how to use it.

So now I hand over the magic to you lovely.

From my heart to yours,

Fi  xx

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