With a spritz of Integrated Chakra Mist and a few deep breaths, your energetic centres – referred to as ‘CHAKRAS’ – begin to awaken and harmonise.

From here your SOUL begins to AWAKEN.


Your heightened NERVOUS SYSTEM starts to calm down.


That DEEP SENSE of KNOWING is activated.


The PATH FORWARD becomes clearer.


Motivation and COURAGE then follow this hit of INSTANT CLARITY.

You can feel it in your heart, the intuitive whispers are getting louder every day.


There is something that you are here to do on this Earth – and whilst this is empowering, at the same time it can be overwhelming to attempt to go down this path alone.


We are all alive at a truly magical point in our evolution and I truly believe that we are all here for big things.


Many of us are deeply sensitive to the intense energies, chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies that bombard us daily – and left unchecked these can manifest as a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms.

This is why I believe that it is essential that we do everything possible to keep our energetic body in harmony and health – just as we would our physical and emotional body.

What used to take deeply focused meditation or working with a skilled practitioner to help facilitate and initiate the balancing and alignment of your chakras – you can now experience this for  yourself whenever you feel guided in your own home – how empowering! 

Amara Mists are divinely and intuitively crafted using pure essential oils, purified water and specifically chosen crystal chips – all infused with love, gratitude and with the intention to support your overall wellbeing via the chakras and your environment. 


It’s time to nurture and support the evolution of our beautiful Earth by raising our own vibration first and filling our own energetic cup.

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