In Trust

For most of my life the word “leader” didn’t sit well with me.

You see for me, my association of a Leader was a person being at the top telling others what to do.

Getting others to do the stuff they didn’t want to do, how could the others make the leader look good and powerful etc etc.

I now see that as the old way of leading in an old paradigm.

Over the last couple of years I’ve chosen to see and understand a new paradigm of what a leader is.

This is NOW how I choose to interpret

  • A leader goes first.
  • A leader encourages others to step up and shine, and lead in their own right.
  • A leader is NOT perfect, or has to have their sh*t all together!
  • A leader is willing to be real and honest with themselves AND with others.
  • A leader chooses to take responsibility for themselves and the decisions they make.
  • A leader “cleans up” and addresses things that need to be addressed.

WE are the leaders in our own life.


I used to see myself more as someone who loved to support others in leading, not in being a leader. That’s the old way of doing things!
Here’s the thing…we have enough followers on the planet, what we need now in this new paradigm is you and me/people choosing to step up!

Choosing to…
Go first.
To take ownership of their own lives.
To SHINE brighter than ever before.

✨✨✨✨L E A D E R S✨✨✨✨

How are you being called to step up and lead?

We all are in some way, in our homes, our families, our work places, our communities.

What’s your thoughts/beliefs on leading?

I’d love to hear if you wish to share in the comments. 💙

Massive love and encouragement to have the courage to step up and lead – in the way you came here to do.

Fi 💖

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