In Trust

I believe this is super, super important!!!


Here’s why…


Our soul yearns to feel connected with us, and is never dis-connected really, it can’t be dis-connected otherwise you wouldn’t be here physically!


It’s the FEELING of dis-connect is what I’m speaking of here.


The thing is we can move through life thinking life is happening to us OR we can KNOW that life is happening for us and we are the conductor.


Part of that knowing is by carving out time everyday to tune IN to your heart portal.


Our soul is constantly communicating with us, but how can we ever hear our souls whispering and guidance if we spent no time with ourselves actually WITHIN.


I’m not talking hours of meditation🧘‍♀️or taking yourself away from your day to day life to do this.


I’m talking about can you devote time to YOU your inner being.


I choose to do this by setting my alarm at 5am in the morning so I know I will get that time by myself to show up for me – uninterrupted.


To tune in, do my gratitudes, write, read, pull an oracle card…whatever I’m guided to do.
I find this is an awesome way to set my day up, then move into my day knowing I have prioritised me before all the other things unfold that I then focus on.


I invite you to try this…🙏🏽


You can do this at whatever part of the day works for you.


Choose a time when you know you won’t get any interruptions, being outside in nature is beautiful too.


For 1 week, just 1 week, commit to yourself, show up for you and your soul EVERYDAY for 20-30 minutes.


🌿Turn your phone off or put it somewhere away from you.


🌿Sit and place one hand on your heart chakra and one hand on your sacral chakra (just below your belly button).


🌿Close your eyes, take 4 deep slow belly breathes then think of someone you love deeply and smile.


🌿Now you are in your heart portal💓


🌿Ask your soul what it wants to share with you…and just listen with your heart and inner hearing.




🌿When you feel like your soul is finished for now, thank yourself for showing up for yourself and souls wisdom.


🌿Take a deep breath and open your eyes.


How do you feel? What did you get from your souls whispering?


Now here is the next MOST IMPORTANT part…


Follow through with what your souls guidance was!!!!!


I promise you, if you choose to do this everyday for 1 week you will feel so much more connected with your soul.


It might just inspire you to keep going…!😊


Remember…the more you do something the better and more effective it becomes, same applies with this. TRUST yourself, TRUST your guidance, BE gentle with yourself, GIVE to yourself. YOU are your most important asset. You cannot pour from an empty vessel.🌸


Sending you massive love,


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