Mother Earth vibrations, cosmic codes, alchemy and love is weaved into everything created, and your chosen product or feather creation connects you back into your souls blueprint.

The feathery tools assist to bridge the dimensions of “Heaven and Earth”.

The winged ones can access this so easily and naturally. This in turn helps to remind us of our own ability to access that same expansiveness, and serves as a reminder to spread our own wings and fly.

Each product in the Amara range has been channeled through into form to support and raise the vibrations of those souls that they resonate with.

Amara creations assist to raise your vibration which then ripples out to those around you and our planet.

The Amara offerings act as a gateway to remind you of your vastness and the incredible magic you are and can access at anytime by placing your focus on your heart space and souls resonance.

So take a deep breath and let yourself be divinely guided to the Amara creation that is the perfect energetic match for you in your life, right in this moment.

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